Neptunia at Vilano Beach

Neptunia at Vilano Beach©

Neptunia has been missing since 1994 when Tommy, the person the portrait was on loan to, died after a long illness. 

I was out of town and a "friend" had promised to pick it up. The "friend" had other things on her mind the two weeks the house was being cleared out and the portrait went missing.

If you knew Tommy perhaps you saw it hanging in his living room in Gainesville. If you know of its whereabouts, or its fate, please contact me at marilyn at neptunia.net.

I doubt if it has any value to anyone but me, however a reward for its return is offered as an incentive for any inconvenience the returnee might have to endure.

Thank you,

Marilyn (Thursby) Lange

Image © 2010